Police officers put their lives on the line every day. The toll this takes on their health and wellbeing can be immense. We are here to support our current and former serving police officers. If you need support we have a range of services to assist you.

Victoria Police has a range of wellbeing support services and programs available to current and veteran Victoria Police employees.

Everyone struggles from time to time. Receiving support from a trained professional can help to resolve issues that you may find yourself faced with in everyday life.

In an emergency

If you or a friend are in urgent need of assistance then dial 000.

13 11 14

1300 224 636

Police Welfare Services Unit

Employee Assistance Program

Victoria Police continues to focus on improving employee wellbeing services. Changes to Victoria Police’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) have made it easier for current and former employees, as well as their families, to access counselling services.

Victoria Police’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an independent and confidential counselling service available to Victoria Police employees (current and former) and their immediate families. Our EAP is provided by SMG Health and Acacia Connection.

Some of the matters our EAP can provide support on include:

EAP services and treatment options include:



Bluespace provides current and former employees and their families with direct access to information on mental health and wellbeing issues, and services. This includes immediate access to relevant information anytime, anywhere including access to a range of internal and external support services to Victoria Police. The website aims to:


Bluespace was developed in response to the results of the 2017 Victoria Police Mental Health & Wellbeing Study – involving 5,800 participants along with extensive consultation with more than 4,000 current and former employees and their family members who provided further insight into the content and method of delivery.

The results from the study showed that:

Bluespace has been reviewed and endorsed by Beyond Blue.


For further information or to provide feedback on Bluespace please contact the Victoria Police Mental Health Program Office:

Wellbeing Services

Victoria Police’s internal Wellbeing Services provides tailored confidential wellbeing information, support, advice and referral services for current and veteran Victoria Police employees and their immediate families. Services include support for:

You can speak directly with a dedicated wellbeing support officer who will assist you in finding the services and support you need.


Provisional Payment Pilot

If you have a work related mental health injury, you may be eligible to access payments for mental health treatment and services through the Victorian Government’s Provisional Payments Pilot. The pilot allows eligible emergency workers to access payments for reasonable medical treatment and services while their compensation claim is being determined. Victoria Police can access the pilot from 17 June 2019. All other eligible emergency workers can access the pilot from 1 July 2019.


The pilot is available to eligible current and veteran Victoria Police employees (including volunteer chaplains) who have submitted a compensation claim for a work related mental health injury.

Access the pilot

You can access the pilot through Victoria Police’s workers’ compensation claim process. When you lodge a workers’ compensation claim you will be contacted by the Human Resource Department Injury Management and WorkCover team.

The team will:

If you decide to opt into the pilot Victoria Police will provide you with the Provisional Payment Pilot Opt In Consent Form.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, Victoria Police will commence paying for your reasonable medical treatment and services while your compensation claim is being determined via the usual process.

The pilot does not include contractors engaged through agencies or service providers that are external to the Victorian public sector.

To submit a workers’ compensation claim please email Victoria Police’s Human Resource Department Injury Management and Workcover team below.


Department of Justice and Community Safety Workplace Safety Reform team

TPAV Wellbeing

Police veterans

Retired Peer Support Officers program (RPSO)

The RPSO program was established to support police veterans living with mental health issues. Having a place to connect with peers who understand their experiences can really help during tough times. RPSOs are former Victoria Police members who voluntarily provide confidential support and referral services to employees who have retired, resigned or been ill-health retired from Victoria Police.

RPSOs are available to assist any former employee of Victoria Police who may be experiencing some of the following;

RPSOs are NOT counsellors and do NOT make psychological assessments. But do have great communication and problem solving skills. They are trained in psychological first-aid, suicide awareness and can provide referrals.